Super 8 Cultural Background

Formed in 1997, the NZ Super Eight Schools incorporates the eight boys' high schools from their respective provincial cities of the Central North Island:

Gisborne Boys' High SchoolNew Plymouth Boys' High School
Hamilton Boys' High SchoolPalmerston North Boys' High School
Hastings Boys' High SchoolRotorua Boys' High School
Napier Boys' High School Tauranga Boys' College

The first competitions commenced in 1998 involving Rugby and Cricket. Since that time the Super Eight concept has grown to include 10 sports' competitions, a cultural festival, academic scholar awards and professional development programmes for teachers.

The schools individually and collectively reflect a traditional ethos based on boys' education. Old boys have a prominence across New Zealand's society as university academics and educators, senior business managers, professionals and entrepreneurs, civil leaders and politicians, as well as sport and cultural icons.

Today, the New Zealand Super Eight Schools are synonymous with excellence in boys' education, innovation in management and outstanding performance on the stage and the sports field. Documentation, such as rules and administrative forms, and archives are kept by Napier Boys' High School. NBHS coordinates reviews of the rules and practice of individual events on an annual basis whilst School Principals and Arts Directors meet every few years to discuss major issues and the general direction of the festival.