Super Eight Volleyball 2015

Hosted by New Plymouth BHS

2nd - 4th March 2015

Pool Play Results

Tauranga BC (1) 3-1 (3)3-0 (3)3-0 (3)91
Gisborne BHS (3)1-3 (0)
0-3 (0)3-0 (3)33
New Plymouth BHS A (6)0-3 (0)3-0 (3)3-0 (3)62
Hastings BHS (8)0-3 (0)0-3 (0)0-3 (0)04
Napier BHS (2)0-3 (0)0-3 (0)3-2 (2)23
Palmerston North BHS (4)3-0 (3)
3-0 (3)3-0 (3)91
Hamilton BHS (5)3-0 (3)0-3 (0)3-0 (3)62
New Plymouth BHS B (7)2-3 (1)0-3 (0)0-3 (0)14

Semi-finals / Cross-overs

Game 13rd Pool Av4th Pool BScore
Gisborne BHSvNew Plymouth BHS B3-0
Game 23rd Pool Bv4th Pool AScore
Napier BHSvHastings BHS3-0
Game 32nd Pool Av1st Pool BScore
New Plymouth BHS AvPalmerston North BHS3-1
Game 42nd Pool Bv1st Pool AScore
Hamilton BHSvTauranga BC0-3

3rd – 8th Play-offs

7th/8th PlayoffLoser of Game 1vLoser of Game 2Score
New Plymouth BHS BvHastings BHS3-0
5th/6th PlayoffWinner of Game 1vWinner of Game 2Score
Gisborne BHSvNapier BHS3-0
3rd/4th PlayoffLoser of Game 3vLoser of Game 4Score
Palmerston North BHSvHamilton BHS3-0

Cup Final

1st/2nd PlayoffWinner of Game 3vWinner of Game 4Score
New Plymouth BHS AvTauranga BC0-3

Final Placings

1stTauranga Boys' College
2ndNew Plymouth Boys' High School A
3rdPalmerston North Boys' High School
4thHamilton Boys' High School
5thGisborne Boys' High School
6thNapier Boys' High School
7thNew Plymouth Boys' High School B
8thHastings Boys' High School