Our Schools

"Being a NZSES Head Prefect is different from being the Head Prefect of other Boys' Schools. We, as Head Prefects, represent more than just our schools; we represent the collective community of all NZSES . This encourages both a sense of competition and fraternity that drives us to perform at a higher level than the Head Prefects of other Boys' Schools."

Super Eight Schools Head Prefects 2016

Competing and co-operating for the benefit of young men

The schools which comprise the Super Eight group are:

The schools individually and collectively reflect a traditional ethos of education, which relates to their long histories as cornerstones of education in their regions. Old boys have a prominence across New Zealand's society as: University academics and educators, senior business managers and entrepreneurs, civic leaders and politicians, and as sport and cultural icons.

Today the New Zealand Super Eight School's Group is synonymous with excellence in education, innovation in management and outstanding performance on stage and the sports field. The management of the schools' group is rotated on an annual basis and school leaders meet twice a year to establish priorities, discuss initiatives and set guidelines for the ensuing year.

This web site allows you to follow the sporting and cultural activities of the the New Zealand Super Eight Schools